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All the pork ingredients are washed well and boiled in a 10 l pot of water.

Boil over high heat until boiling, froth several times to get the clear aspect.

After boiling, add the bay leaves, pepper and simmer until reduced by half. That means boiling for 7-8 hours.

When the meat has fallen off the bones and the juice sticks to the hand, it is ready.

Remove the meat, clean it from the bone and cut it into small pieces.

The same is done with the ear.

Pig's feet (sneakers) are clean of stinginess.

Everything we got from cleaning is distributed in bowls, bowls or trays.

When the juice has cooled, add the crushed garlic, mixing well.

Strain the juice and pour over the meat in the bowls.

Leave to harden, then put in the fridge.

It can be served with grated food.

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